Yoshihiro Obata


Yoshihiro Obata began his career with KDD (former KDDI) in ’86, and later as an acceptance testing and global interconnection engineer, subsequently working for their R&D teams, where he designed and developed a second-generation global fax mail system. In 1994, he was assigned as the project manager to start global Internet transit business between the United States and Japan.

After involved in foundation of JPIX, the first commercial Internet Exchange company in Japan, he quit KDD in 1999 to start up eAccess as a director and CTO, an ADSL wholesale company. eAccess acquired a 3G license in 2005 and successfully introduced LTE in 2012 (under EMOBILE brand).

In 2013, after the acquisition of eAccess by Softbank, he moved to Equinix Japan where he works as a solutions architect. He now serves as the CEO of BizMobile, Inc.