Beginning in 2014 the Japanese government began a series of revisions to the legislative framework of its personal information law. In 2015, changes to the law were implemented which saw major revisions to the definition of “personal information”, the handling of anonymized information, use of personal data by third parties, and cross-border transfer of personal data.

The revisions also saw the implementation of a Personal Information Protection Committee which will consider the technical details of implementation over the next two years before the law is formally adopted.

APIDE in collaboration with Keio University held a Multi-Stakeholder Forum on March 10 with PIPC Commissioner Satoru Tezuka to bring members of industry, the technical community, and civil society to facilitate an open dialogue as discussions within the PIPC are held to set regulations and guidelines for implementation of the new law, which comes into effect in September 2017.

An English translation of the revised law is available here.

See more at the Personal Information Protection Commission Homepage.