Akinori Maemura

akinori-maemura-profileAkinori Maemura is currently the General Manager of the Internet Development Department at the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC). He began his career in the Internet industry in 1994, designing a nation-wide IP network operated by the NEC Corporation. Since then he has been involved in the Japanese Internet Community as a founding member of the steering committee of JANOG (Japan Network Operators Group) and JPNIC activities in its IP address management business as a committee member and the Trustee-in-charge. After working for the France Telecom Group seven years from 2000, he joined JPNIC as General Manager, Internet Development Department.

Akinori has been a member of the APNIC Executive Council since 2000, a visiting research fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) since 2007, a part-time lecturer at Reitaku University since 2007, and Chair of the Publicity Working Group of the Task Force on IPv4 Address Exhaustion, Japan, since 2008